Helping DTC Ecommerce Brands Grow Exponentially

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"Improved conversion rate by over 100%"

"We hired Gary because we launched a new, high-dollar product and our website was not designed to adequately sell it (needed help with CRO, branding, and product positioning). Over 4 months of working together, Gary improved our conversion rate by over 100%, and we've already gotten a positive ROI from the fees we paid him. The best part about working with him was that he’s super friendly, professional, and most of all, he really cares about your business. He takes a personal pride in his ability to deliver the results he says he can. If Gary says he can improve your conversion rate by X%, you can trust him on it."



"Grew our DTC sales by 236%"

"We brought Gary on to help us sell an innovative product in a very competitive space. In 5 months, Gary increased our conversion rate by 176% and grew our DTC sales by 236%. Gary will go the extra miles to grow your business, no matter what it takes. He found a way to think strategically about every decision, provided sound advice, and went to bat for us in more ways than the metrics show. He’s a stand up guy with strong core values, and he truly has a passion for what he does. Any business would be lucky to have him as part of their journey!"



"103% increase in monthly DTC sales"

"We partnered with Gary to help us generate more DTC customers through digital ads. After just 3 months of working together, Gary helped us achieve a 103% increase in monthly DTC sales, 43% increase in email subscribers, and 400%+ ROAS on Google Ads. Outside of being just a hall of fame guy, Gary has been a pleasure to work with on our end. He’s honorable, hard working, efficient in his time, specific in his tasks, sets realistic time tables, and takes pride in his work. I have full confidence that Gary can help any company achieve its desired growth over time."



"He will pay for himself many times over"

"Before working with Gary, our website was a nightmare to navigate, the conversion rate was horrible, and our paid traffic wasn't converting. Gary helped us improve our conversion rate from 0.2% to over 2%. If you’re on the fence, definitely spend the money to hire Gary! He will pay for himself many times over from the benefits you will receive by working with him."



Who I am

Now that you've heard from some of my clients, let's take a step back and get acquainted. My name is Gary Khodanian, and I've been working in the ecommerce and marketing world since 2015.

I started Core Nomad, my one-man marketing agency, to help DTC ecommerce businesses scale through customer-focused strategies and data-driven solutions. No glitz and glam, no smoke and mirrors, no false promises – just hard work and real results.

Over the past nine years, I've helped 50+ small and midsized businesses achieve profitable, sustainable growth through revamping their websites and marketing programs – and I'd sincerely love to add your business to my list of success stories.

What I do

Conversion Rate Optimization

Using intense customer research and the scientific method to help your ecommerce site turn more visitors into paying customers.

Web Design

Building and launching effective DTC ecommerce sites from the ground up.

Digital Advertising

Driving qualified customers to your online store through effective digital ads.

Email Marketing

Boosting customer lifetime value through smart email campaigns and sequences.

Why companies choose to work with me

Proven Performance

My typical clients experience a conversion rate increase of 50-150%—and even larger gains in profitability—after just 4 months of partnering with me.

Diverse Experience

Since 2015, I’ve worked with DTC brands, B2B corporations, small businesses, and startups to make their websites extremely successful and profitable. 

Personalized Service

I'm a one-man agency, so I'll be working directly with you and your team. You'll receive the full value of my knowledge and personal expertise.

Lean & Process-Driven

I have a streamlined, proven process for working with clients to achieve conversion goals. I'll personally manage the project to ensure that tasks stay on track. 

Clients I've worked with lately

Let's talk about your business

Look, I'm not a huge agency with dozens of project managers and enormous fees. I'm one expert with a diverse skill set, and I'll personally implement and manage every solution you see on this site. 

I take pride in going beyond a service provider and becoming a partner in your business. I'll put my blood, sweat, and tears into making your business a success. And most importantly, I'll actually deliver the results you're expecting.

If you're interested in talking through your challenges, I'd sincerely love to hear from you.