Conversion Rate Optimization 

Turning website visitors into leads and paying customers

Is your website doing its job? 

No website exists without a purpose. For ecommerce websites, that purpose is simple – to sell products.

Conversion rate is defined as the percentage of visitors who actually complete a goal on your site (make a purchase, submit a contact form, etc.). Basically, this metric indicates how effective your site is at selling your products to potential customers. 

What's the big deal about conversion rate?

Time for a bit of math (hang with me). Here’s the fundamental equation that defines how your website makes money:

Sales Revenue = Customers x Customer Lifetime Value  

So what defines a "customer" in the above equation?

Customers = Sessions x Conversion Rate 

The number of site visitors multiplied by your conversion rate equals the number of online customers for your ecommerce business. You can probably see what I'm getting at here – if you double or triple your conversion rate, you will double or triple your sales revenue. It's that simple. 

How do you improve this magic number? 

There are 4 ways to attack your site's conversion rate:

1. Do nothing, and flush the potential revenue gains down the toilet

 Time required: 0 hours

2. Modify your site based on blind guesses

Time required: 3-5 hours/month

3. Learn the science behind conversion rate optimization (CRO) and apply it to your business

– Time required: 10-20 hours/month

4. Hire a professional CRO agency 

– Time required: The time it takes to fill out this form

If you own or manage the marketing activities for a $500,000+ / year ecommerce business, then options 1 and 2 simply can't be on the table. Why? Because it's costing you too much money – especially if you drive traffic to your site through paid ads. 

Any high-traffic ecommerce website that's not continuously measuring, testing, and improving their conversion rate is just burning cash on a daily basis.

What makes me different from other CRO agencies?

My conversion rate optimization process is based on one distinct principle – your customers are the key to increasing your conversion rate. Every business is different, and every ecommerce website has unique challenges that prevent visitors from becoming customers. That's why I always use in-depth research and customer empathy as the foundation for all of my website improvement activities.

And I'm not all talk – my typical CRO clients experience a website conversion rate increase of 50-150% after just 4 months of partnering with me.

Here are a few other attributes that set me apart: 

Core Nomad is operated by a robust team of one.

Yep, I do all of the strategy, design, development, and marketing work on my own. I believe in the value of personal expertise, and frankly, I don't want my clients to pay the huge agency fees that typically come with professional web design and marketing services.  

I've worked with companies like yours.

This is not my first rodeo. Since 2015, I've worked with billion-dollar enterprises, startups, small businesses, midsized companies, and everything in-between to assist with web design and marketing. Don't take my word for it – go check out some of the companies I've helped

I eat, sleep, and drink processes.

How does one man single-handedly manage robust web design and marketing projects for numerous businesses at the same time? Streamlined processes. I've walked this path many times before, and I'll use my own documented, proven methods to accomplish your business goals.  

Speaking of processes, here's what mine looks like for conversion rate optimization.  

My 4-Month CRO Process

  • Step 1 : Strategy
  • Step 2 : Research
  • Step 3 : Plan
  • Step 4 : Test
  • Step 5 : Implement
Step 1 : Strategy

Strategy & KPIs

I believe that every journey towards success starts with simply knowing where to go. I always start my projects by establishing the most important facet of any partnership: your goals. Then, I’ll install a few custom analytics packages and monitor your website over a few business cycles to get a baseline on your business.

Project timeline: Weeks 1-3

Step 2 : Research

In-Depth Research

Research is the key to unlocking the hidden dollars within any website. I’ll start my research by analyzing your website usage data to identify the problems that visitors run into when interacting with your site. Then, I’ll conduct intense usability studies and gather customer feedback to learn why those problems are costing you money. 

Project timeline: Weeks 4-6 

Step 3 : Plan

Planning & Hypotheses

Research reveals problems. Problems require solutions. After conducting my research, I’ll construct hypotheses based on the most promising areas of opportunity within your website. I’ll then prioritize these opportunities to ensure that the biggest leaks get plugged first.

Project timeline: Week 7

Step 4 : Test


It’s one thing to think that a website will perform better after making a change, but it’s another to prove it. Once the hypotheses are in place, I’ll begin to test my proposed solutions by showing new conversion-optimized variations of your site to incoming visitors. These tests serve one purpose: to confirm that my changes are improving your conversion rate and making you money.

Project timeline: Weeks 8-16

Step 5 : Implement


Simply put, the tests I run are either successful or unsuccessful. Both results present equal opportunities for growth. For successful tests, I’ll deploy the winning variation and seek to find other ways to apply the insights we gained to your business. For unsuccessful tests, I’ll use the invalid hypotheses to direct future conversion activities.

Project timeline: Weeks 8-16

I produce measurable results for my clients

"Before working with Gary, our website was a nightmare to navigate, the conversion rate was horrible, and our paid traffic wasn't converting. Gary helped us improve our conversion rate from 0.2% to over 2%. If you’re on the fence, definitely spend the money to hire Gary! He will pay for himself many times over from the benefits you will receive by working with him."

Colin D. | Owner, D&O Lighting

Who I am

Hey there! I'm Gary Khodanian, the owner of Core Nomad. Let's take your business to the next level together. 

Companies I've helped

What my clients say

"He will pay for himself many times over" 

– Colin D. | D&O Lighting  

Get in touch

Interested in scaling your DTC ecommerce business? I'd love to help you accomplish your goals. Send me a message and we'll set up a time to chat.

Let's talk about your business

Look, I'm not a huge agency with dozens of project managers and enormous fees. I'm one expert with a diverse skill set, and I'll personally implement and manage every solution you see on this site. 

I take pride in going beyond a service provider and becoming a partner in your business. I'll put my blood, sweat, and tears into making your business a success. And most importantly, I'll actually deliver the results you're expecting.

If you're interested in talking through your challenges, I'd sincerely love to hear from you. 

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