Email Marketing

Increasing your customer lifetime value through strategic messaging 


– Refine customer retention and growth strategy using email

– Audit customer email acquisition methods

– Identify areas for improvement in content and visuals


– Use targeted, strategic messaging to improve email capture rate

– Write compelling subject lines to boost email open rate

– Revamp body content to grow email clickthrough rate


– Craft branded email templates, CTA graphics, and assets 

– Recreate transactional emails to grow customer engagement 

– Set up automated up-sell, cross-sell, and replenishment emails


– Construct automated email drip campaigns for custom goals

– Determine optimal email send days and times 

– Track and report on subscriber engagement and activity

Let’s talk about your business

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Look, I’m not a huge agency with dozens of project managers and enormous fees. I’m one marketing expert with a diverse skill set, and I’ll personally implement and manage every solution you see on this site. 

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